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Small Cassava Filtering Machine

Brief Introduction

Cassava Filtering machine is used for separation of the slurry

and slag after the first separation of crusher and filter, and is

produced together with the pulverization separator, and then

the slurry can be directly precipitated.




After the second separation of Cassava Filtering machine, will obtain more pure the starch and can be used in various materials, which can extract starch.


1, Second filtering, clean and high yield.

2, Best price Cassava filtering machine with high quality

3, Simple operation and save manpower

4, Filtering machine has a good stability and low noise.










Model Motor Capacity Size Weight
SL-F1 1.5kw  2t/h 750*400*400mm 150kg
SL-F2 2.2kw  3-5t/h 750*400*400mm 200kg

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