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Development Status and Future Development Trend of World Tapioca Starch Industry

The main products of cassava entering the international market are dried potato chips and starch. In recent years, the world’s imports of cassava chips and starches are about 6 million tons, of which the EU imports are about 3.5 million tons, Japan imports about 1.2 million tons, South Korea imports about 600,000 tons, and China’s imports. About 300,000 tons. Thailand is a major exporter of tapioca chips and tapioca starch. In recent years, its export volume is about 4.8 million tons, accounting for 80% of the world’s total exports. Since the 1990s, due to the rapid development of the feed industry and the starch industry, the demand for cassava in the international market has increased year by year. According to industry estimates, the world cassava output will reach 271 million tons by 2020,
Development Status and Future Development Trend of World Tapioca Starch Industry

1. Development status
In recent years, the world’s total output of tapioca starch is 3.7-4.2 million tons, of which 1.5-180 million tons in Thailand, 80-100 million tons in Vietnam, 500,000 tons in Indonesia and more than 300,000 tons in Brazil. The tapioca starch industry in Thailand and Vietnam is mainly exported, and the main exporter of tapioca starch in Southeast Asia is China.
2. Development trend of industrial production technology of tapioca starch
1 tapioca starch processing to large-scale development
2 tapioca starch processing technology realizes automatic control of production process
3 Extensively promote low-energy, high-efficiency energy-saving technologies and equipment
4 tapioca starch industrial products are developed in the direction of serialization, which can be further processed.
II tapioca starch industry for modified starch processing
1. Development status
In the past decade, the production of modified starch in the world has grown rapidly. At present, the annual output has reached 7 million tons, of which: the United States is about 3.5 million tons, which is the world’s largest modified starch enterprise; the EU has more than 2 million tons; Japan has 300,000 tons, Thailand has 450,000 tons; China has 400,000 tons. More than 30 modified starch applications, including paper, textile, food and other industrial uses.
As a raw material of modified starch, tapioca starch has the characteristics of low price, low non-starch impurity content, high viscosity, low gelatinization temperature, stable and transparent paste liquid, good film forming property and strong permeability, and the price and quality are excellent. Cassava modified starch is highly competitive on both sides.
2. Development trend of production technology
1 Constantly develop new processing technology
In addition to humidity, drying methods and pre-gelatinization, extrusion processing techniques for modified starch have been developed, and infrared radiation processing technology and microwave radiation processing technology are being researched and developed.
2 varieties are diversified, serialized, and specialized
Such as paper-modified starch series, even paint series, surface sizing series. An example is that the same variety produced by a foreign modified starch company has multiple grades and the product has a strong specificity. Even the same variety, different substituents, different degrees of substitution, different viscosities, different pH values, have different application effects, and are suitable for different application purposes and conditions.

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