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Cassava Crushing and Filtering Machine

Brief introduction

The washed cassava is taken into the crushing bucket on the

left side of Crushing and Filtering machine.There are many

blades in the barrels. With the rotation of crushing and filtering

machine,the cassava is crushed and enter

the bucket on the right. This process mainly crush the

cassava and discharge the slag.



Can process sweet potato, cassava, potato and lotus root. They can be produced into starch automatically.


1, one time crushing and filtering, clean and high yield.

2, Best price and high quality

3, Simple operation save manpower





Model Dimension






Rotary Rate


Screen mesh Weight


SL-F1 70*35*100 0.5-1 2.2-3 2200/min 80 35
SL-F2 130*50*850 2 5.5 2000/600 80 100
SL-F2 170*60*135 3 10 2000/600 80 100
SL-F5 135*70*95 4-5 11-15 2000/800 80 300
SL-F8 180*90*110 7-8 18-20 2000/800 80 270


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