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Cassava Washing Machine

Brief introduction

The material is placed in the cage of cassava washing machine,

the barrel will roll back and forth, then water will Flow continuously

to clean the material. The washed cassava will enter a spiral conveyor

belt, which is a spiral wire inside the conveyor belt. In order to

drain and push the cassava to roll forward.



Cassava washing machine can process sweet potato, cassava, potato and lotus root. They can be produced into starch automatically.



Cleaning degree is above 95%, and the peeling rate is above 80%. Cassava washing machine is cleaned and finished in one time, saving labor, simple structure and easy maintenance.


Model Dimension(mm) Motor




Rotary rate(rmp)
Washing tank Elevator
SL-Q3 2000x700x1000 2000x650x500 1.5 1-3 50
SL-Q4 2600x800x1100 2000x650x500 1.5 3-4 50
SL-Q5 3600x800x1100 2000x650x500 1.5 5-8 50

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