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Cassava slicer product display instructions

This slicer produces 1000 kilograms per hour. The machine has the advantages of straight film, and the slanting piece can get the slicing rules. It is suitable for cutting slices of lemon, bergamot, banana, yam, radish, sweet potato, potato, etc., suitable for agricultural and sideline products. Processing, this equipment is easy to operate, high output, the thickness of the cut piece is even and smooth, and the thickness can be adjusted freely.

Model: 600 slicer
Production: 1000KG/H
Power: 220 / voltage 380V optional
Power: 0.75KW lemon slicer, apple slicer, pear slicer, special equipment for fruit and vegetable slicing. A slicer is modified according to customer’s requirements. The slice thickness is adjustable, the slice speed is high, and three slices can be cut per turn. , up to 820 pieces per minute. The slice diameter* can be up to 100 mm, and the cut potato chips are neat and beautiful. The desktop structure of the machine is exquisite in workmanship, exquisite and convenient, and is the first choice for small and medium-sized potato chip processing enterprises. The contact with the material is made of stainless steel, the blade is made of aluminum alloy, beautiful and durable, high-grade hygiene, in line with food production standards.

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