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Cassava planter

Working principle

This cassava planter is equipped with high capacity and needs match with 90-110HP tractor. Two users sit on the chair to pick cassava into hole when the machine begins to work. Cassava is cut into lump through sharp blade and then drop in soil.





2AMSU cassava planter can finish ditching, fertilizing, cutting and putting cassava stem for sowing, covering soil, vibration pressure processing at the same time.

Model 2AMSU Productivity (ha/h) 0.5-0.8
Planting rows 2 Fertilizer rate(kg/ha) 270-690
Row space(mm) 700(Order) Motive power (hp) 90-110
Chop length(cm) 19±3/14±3 Dimensions (mm) 2000×2300×1950
Plant depth(mm) 60-100 Weight(kg) 600

Brief introduction

This is 2 row cassava planter machine. Its row space is 700mm and chop length is around 11-22 cm.Plant depth can be 60-100mm according to your requirement. Fertilizer is necessary in the operation and its rate is 270-690 kg/ha.

2,Main technical specifications

3,Planting type:Wide-Narrow row planting type

(Suggest the 70cm narrow row space and 110cm wide row sapce )

4, Working diagram

(1)Differencetype place seed                                                                (2)Parallel type place seed


5, Planting in field

6,ractor and harvester model suggestion:

(1) Use 90hp tractor and MSU1600 harvester

(2)Use 120hp tractor and MSU1600 harvester


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