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Cassava harvester


The cassava harvester can harvest two rows cassava. The harvesting machine can be attached to a standard tractor with double power output device, it is simple and comfortable operated, it can dig upall cassava roots and without damage.




working principle

Under the force of 90-150HP tractor, cassava harvesting is driven to dig out soil, which is around 1600mm and then cassava is pushed out the surface of soil. Working speed can reach 1.3-3.5km/h and working depth is around 3⑻-4⑻mm.








Main technical specifications

Type Harvesting and farming
Harvesting row 2
Fixed power 90-150HP
Working speed 1.3-3.5km/h
Working width 1600mm
Working depth 3⑻-4⑻mm
Productivity 0.2-0.53ha/h
Fuel consumption 19-22L/h
Turn radius 6300mm
Minimum ground clearance 300mm
Weight 1360kg
Size 1950*3120*1350mm

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